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June 10, 2021

Jewellery from Head to Toe

Jewellery in general from cultured conditioning is regarded as a feminine adornment. It may be promotional, decorative or symbolic. The important thing is to look at how it relates to human body form.

From the Top

The popular Jewellery designed for the head is Earrings. They come in huge varieties and styles, falling into the following general categories.

Studs: Small simple shapes or stones, mounted on posts worn against the earlobes.

Hoops: A rigid loop coming to both sides of the lobe. Also called Creoles.

Pendant Styles: Popularly known as drop and dangle earrings, the hanging part ranges from a tiny ball to an elaborate "Shoulder Duster".

Jackets: Any removable piece designed around the earring.



Around the Neck

Moving to the upper body a host of Necklaces and Neck Chains / Lariats are available. Standard necklace lengths are :

Choker: 14-16 inch

Princess: 18 inch

Matinee: 20-24 inch

Opera: 28-32 inch

Rope: longer than 32 inch



At Arm’s Length

For the wrist there are Bracelets and Bangles.

Bracelets: Made in beads, chains, mesh & linked section style necklaces.

Charm Bracelets: Bracelets with charms attached.

Bangles: Closed circular bangles that slip over the hand.

Cuffs: Usually oval & broad. They may be single piece with a gap at the back or have two hinged sections that spring or clasp together.



On your Fingers

Although most Rings used to show up on the Ring finger, people now wear these on all fingers including the thumb! Some people wear several Rings at once on both hands.

Solitaire Rings: Single stone rings. Always a classic favourite!

Eternity Rings: Go all around the finger, like a band.

Birth Stone Rings: Represents the month of birth.

Cocktail or Dinner Rings: Feature a centre piece with some accents. Can be in the form of a clusters, bouquets or ballerinas.

Cross-Over Rings: Here the ends of the shank coil around the finger, placing two stones or paired decorative forms side by side across the finger. Contrasting stones in a cross over bring in a dramatic touch.



To Toes

Anklets or Ankle Bracelets : They add an extra touch to a Woman’s Jewellery. In modern day world we call them Foot Wraps! Anklets have always been a Fashion Fad!



To let the imagination go beyond or may be just run wild...!!

Body Jewellery is a step ahead from the standard Jewellery pieces that come across in general, moving into a direction conceivable by the crowd. Some novel forms of adornment are:


Hand Gears or Palm Chains : Worn over the Palms, popular as an "Indian or Middle Eastern Style Chains". 

 Armour Rings or Full Finger Rings: Inspired by amazing pieces of Finger Art. The origin of these Rings is from Medieval and Gothic period.

 Nail Rings: A beautiful piece of Finger Nail decoration. Also called Nail Art Charms.

 Ring Clusters or Stackable RIngs: A stack of RIngs on same or different fingers, at different levels in different colours, giving you a fun of layering, pairing, mixing metals and enjoying the look of multiple.

 Wrap Around Chains: Wrap Chains are basically Body Chains that can be wrapped anywhere around the foot, wrist or neck. So you can use them to dress up as per your mood of the day!



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