The Art of Gifting (Jewellery)

June 30, 2020

Giving a gift should not be stressful. With a little bit of thought put into it, you can show someone how much you care about them. There are so many beautiful occasions where the right gift expresses exactly how you feel about someone.

One of the most perfect gift that works magic on her is a beautiful piece of jewellery. Gifting jewellery always has a lot of emotional attachment to it. As a gift they perfectly showcase warmth, love and care in a very special and a unique way for that special lady in your life.

So how does one choose that perfect piece of jewellery? Read on for some expert tips from our designers.

1. Choose a piece of jewellery that is packed with sentiments. Observe the personality of the woman you would like to gift the jewellery to and buy something that would suit her. Carefully chosen jewellery would make any woman ecstatic.

Infinity and Anchor Pendant


A reminder never to give up & hope for a brighter future ahead, Anchor characterizing personal strength or being grounded while Infinity is a hope for never-ending possibilities, a symbol of women empowerment.


2. Look for something unique. Nothing beats a handmade art of jewellery

Blue Onyx and Tourmaline Cluster Ring


The stone in the ring are soothing & guards the wearer from the evil eye to dispel negativity.

A simple message, "Live life the way it's supposed to be lived" and detoxify yourself by improving your intuitive energy.


3. Jewellery can be gifted to people of all ages. It’s a perfect gift to show your love and appreciation for the people in your life. Choose age appropriate jewellery. Delicate minimalistic designs for the young ones and classic bolds for the older ones.

Ear Climber and cuff

Minimalistic Ear Climber

Broad Balli Hoops

Classic and Bold Balli Hoops  

4. A perfect gift should leave a long-lasting impression. While certain gifts like perfume may make a nice birthday gift, they are less suitable for more intimate events in your life. Try choosing something precious and meaningful for more personal occasions.

Pink Opal Lariat 


For the woman who is loving and sensitive. Fill your aura with peaceful energy with pretty Pink being the colour of love.


Jewellery still continues to move and surprise people. It’s a memorable gift. People will always remember who gave it to them and what the occasion was. Jewellery is meaningful and more than just metal and rocks.


Jewellery tells a story : YOUR STORY!

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