Designing a collection always begins with an idea, often something abstract! Can be a feeling, memory or any aspect of life. Many a times its just a thought! Our fourth collection “Arabesque” is inspired by some artistic decorations with rhythmic patterns curving or branching out interlacing with each other.

These interwoven elements like vines or leaves are generally repeated in an often symmetrical infinite pattern.The style of retro & antiques paired with contemporary, breaks the mould giving so much character to a piece of jewellery. These pieces have their own personality.  Instead of a clash these styles put together create and show harmony.

Middle Eastern inspired pieces have always been passed from generation to generation. Some of the symbolic pieces come as good luck charms, some protect against evils or any other possible harm, while others work as wishes paired with corresponding prayers and majority are also used as amulets.

Most of the designs here are true inspirations from nature and nature inspired creations are always in fashion.

Made in 925 Sterling Silver, the color and metal is “the new gold” , a trend for the year 2021-22!

Silver being very popular is considered a trendiest form of jewellery. As a symbol of wealth, its also a very important part of a woman’s attire.

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