Jewellery Trends 2019-2020

January 06, 2019

It’s our first blog post of 2019! As we bid goodbye to 2018, we are so thankful for your support. It has been a roller coaster ride from conceptualizing SABYAVI to really bringing this small venture to life. Every milestone - finalizing the logo, first collection, our first product shoot, our first customer, first outdoor event - all of them have led to us looking forward to the new year with more aspirations.
Wish you all a blessed new year and thank you for your support.
The countless fashion moments of 2018 have only given way to a bolder and more colorful 2019. While the timeless classy look remains, more women are comfortable making a statement through their self-expression.
In this blog, we have put together some of the upcoming trends in Jewelry for 2019. You have seen these trends pop up on the ramp already and now would become mainstream in the coming year.
Jewelry Trend 1: Amulet Jewelry
Jewelry Trend Amulet
Jewelry in this collection is inspired by the rituals and belief systems used in various cultures to connect with the divine. Each sacred symbol is meaningful.
Paired with Sterling Silver, Amulet Jewelry makes a bold statement with its RAW appeal.
Jewelry Trend 2: Large Hoops
Jewelry Trend Large Hoops Sabyavi
There's nothing subtle about 2019. Spiral and Crescent Moon Hoops will become part of your fashion ensemble. Shoulder Duster would make their way out of the late-night parties and become more mainstream. 
If you don't own one - now is the time.
Jewelry Trend 3: Opal Stone
Jewelry Trend Opal Stone Sabyavi
The rise of Opal - Opals are big and are getting bigger in 2019.
Opal is a unique phenomenal stone of love and hope. You won't believe but Its a natural product of dried rain water soaked deep in underground rocks. Due to high water content, it reflects light in all the beautiful ways. 
Fun Fact: 90% of the Opal comes from Australia.
Opal are on their way up! Keep an eye out!
Jewelry Trend 4: Arm Cuffs
Jewelry Trend Arm Cuffs Sabyavi
No piece of jewelry says bohemian like an Arm Cuff. You have already seen these on ramps last season and they are here to dazzle the next year as well. Whether you choose a simple design or an elaborate floral arrangement, Arm Cuffs are sure to add a dash of adventure to your dresses.
Jewelry Trend 5: Ankle Crazy
Jewelry Trend Ankle Crazy
Anklets have been on and off the fashion scene since the 1930s. Tradition seems to be catching on and the delicate single string anklets have made space for more elaborate and bolder ankle jewelry.
You are more likely to encounter abstract large designs that bring the free spirit back to all kinds of ensembles. Go Ankle Crazy!
Jewelry Trend 6: Geometric Designs
Jewelry Trend Geometric Design Sabyavi
This trend started a couple of years ago with the minimalistic movement. It has caught on and is likely to become bigger this year.
The jewelry may be dainty but the design will scream BOLD. Asymmetric Earrings, Open Necklaces, Geometric Stones and Stacks. Mix and Match your way to a glorious and stylish you. Yes, it’s all about you.
Jewelry Trend 7: Color Wheel
Jewelry Trend Color Wheel Sabyavi
This is not so much a jewelry trend but a fashion trend in itself. Single color dresses top to bottom. Well-tailored suits and dresses bringing in primary colors could be spotted in major fashion shows. You could tone down the colors to suit your style but make sure it's still bold and tastefully accessorized. 
Jewelry designs are going to be available in many colors giving you an opportunity to match them with your color on the wheel or better still stack many colors to create an even bolder look. Don't hold back!
Jewelry Trend 8: Layered Necklaces
Jewelry Trend Layering Necklaces
Layered Necklaces is in. You need to take out all your necklaces and pendants that have been in your personal collection and pile the matching ones. It's time to draw attention. You could layer the dainty ones with a bolder piece for a semi casual look or go all out with big lariats paired with chunky ones for that night out.
Jewelry Trend 9:Bold Designs
Jewelry Trend Bold Design Sabyavi
Subtlety is not going to be the virtue of the year. Women are expressing themselves more openly. Communities are getting more diverse both in terms of origin and various orientations. And it's time to be proud of your expression - you need to wear it BOLDLY. 
Make a statement, ya all! Every design is an opportunity to say who you are.. loudly.
Have a dazzling 2019! 

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