How to style your minimalistic jewellery

September 15, 2018

Sometimes it is pointless to buy the biggest trends. They are harder to pair up with everything you have in your closet and only here to stay for a while. This may not be the case with minimalist jewellery. They have very simple and clean lines, less colors and a discreet way of presenting your sense of style, which also means that they can be worn at anywhere and anytime you’d like.


We have put together a few (easy) minimalist styling ideas – to help you look fabulous every time you step out.


1. Add a Parisian-inspired style to your looks by pairing up a quality basic shirt or a top with a delicate pendant. It will make your outfit look very neat and classy because of its simplicity. Never underestimate the power of the delicate minimalist jewels.

Delicate Horizontal Bar Pendant


2. Layer for a fashionable style. The layering style is definitely one of the most preferred trends. It looks very feminine, remarkable and fashionable. You can also combine different types of minimalist jewellery to give interest and dimension to your look.

Layering Pendants, Horizontal Bar, Beaten DiscLayering Pendant, Entwined Circles, Horizontal Bar



3. Graceful minimalist jewellery is great for professional attires. You can always buy yourself a couple of dainty clean bracelets or rings for that perfect stylish look.

Professional Jewellery, Contemporary, Toggle Ring, Toggle Bracelet



4. Experiment with hoops for a vogue-like look. Clean lines, geometrical shapes, flat designs are some of the characteristics of the most preferred minimalistic hoop earrings. They look very voguish and modern when styled with your casual or dressy outfits. 

Spiral Hoops

Don’t forget that minimalist doesn’t necessarily mean delicate, but rather emphasizing the beauty of simplicity and basic shapes that could make your look chic and stylish. Get a pair of hoops and wear them with confidence and elegance because they look simply amazing!



 5. Ear jackets, cuffs & climbers for an artsy style. If you want a distinguishable pair of earrings with a modern touch to them, we suggest minimalist ear pins that will instantly make your look more artsy and girly. These ear pins are so versatile and suitable for all your dressy, trendy or casual outfits because of their simplicity and minimalist sophistication. 

Ear Cuff, Ear Climber

You can always combine your delicate ear pins with some stacking rings to complete your discreet minimalist fashion style.

Shake up your normal outfit. There are endless options to choose from so indulge yourself into these delicate and feminine pieces that will definitely give a stylish twist to your overall look.

Entwined Circle Ring, Broad Hoops

If you come across something that is simple yet stole your heart, don't forget to put it in the comments.


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