My Mood.My Hoops.

May 31, 2019

Sometimes one just can’t beat these circular stunners. They often symbolise eternity and if there is one fashion trend with eternal appeal, its hoops.
A staple style since ancient civilisation and a still a very popular style-making statement both on and off the runway.

This classic accessory trend is a comeback or may be it never left many of us. This style gets more & more into fashion with an ever-growing celeb list as well as social-media influencers, chic for women of all ages.

Hoops aren’t just an earring. They are a girl’s vibes. And nothing tells a girl's mood like the size of the hoop she is wearing.


You can use hoops to elevate even a simple shirt or jeans. Do you know you can flaunt them with a swim suit as well !



Small Hoops

Don’t play with me, I’m all business today.
Plan small hoops especially if your attire has headband or spectacles.
Small size hoops always give a sophisticated look and formal appeal to your wardrobe.
Neat and Modern
Height: 25 mm

Medium Hoops

I’m relaxed. I’m chilling.
Ideal to wear if stepping out for lunch or a casual day affair ! A look beyond classic. You can plan it with leisure specially with an off shoulder top.

Height: 50 mm

Large Hoops

My big night! Sweeping off to party!! 
Wear it for an evening out either to dress up a basic look or flaunt it to stand out from the crowd.
Plan a shoulder sweeping hoop with dresses and collared tops.
Make these statement hoops your signature style.
Height: 66 mm

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