Designing takes a bold new direction voguish, eye catching & high on style by energising Geometrics.

This collection is a study of fusion of Minimalistic & Architectural high end street styles of Western World merged with Arabic & Middle Eastern opulent fine tastes interpreting all kinds of fashion & trends in its own way with very clean aesthetics.

Seasonally evolving with fashionable patterns , energising geometrics continue to trend. Coming from attraction to timelessness in modern shapes & redefining ideas of modernity, they inspire jewellery from Geometric Classicism to have their own personality, which is highly appealing & fashionable.

'Fashionista’ is created in 925 Sterling Silver and is available in three colors Silver, 18K Gold Plating & 18K Rose Gold Plating. To improve wearability & inhibit corrosion all pieces are finished with micron-plating & e-coating to help reduce tarnish & for the polish to last longer.

This collection is designed for all hard working fashionable women & want those women to have some luxuries. 

Inviting UAE’s beautiful women to a style renaissance.