Nothing freshens up the look like splash of colours. They are always joyful, enriching & naturally uplifting. Clashing, Pastels, Candies, Rainbows, Salmon Pinks, Burnt Oranges, Clashing Lime & Teal! We call them "Happy Hues".

Sabyavi's second collection "Hues of Nature" is full of contemporary colours revitalizing for a modern uplift with Retro styles. These enduring organic shades carry comforting tones with a soft palette, serene and warm, soothing to the eyes. 

'Hues of Nature’ is created in 925 Sterling Silver and is available in three colors Silver, 18K Gold Plating & 18K Rose Plating. Set in Natural Stones with high quality polish. All pieces are electroplated & e-coated to help reduce tarnish to improve wearability and inhibit corrosion.

In this bustle of digital age, colour palettes promote mindfulness along with glamour.

Enjoy the colour coding of layering & stacking, subtle & neutral complementing with richer tones which are calm & cohesive. Get high on style !