Triangle Opal Bezel Set Ring Sterling Silver

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Gold Size 6.5
Silver Size 6
Rose Gold Size 6.5
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Opal is derived from sanskrit upala meaning "Precious Stone". A stone that brings transformation by enhancing self worth & confidence. Helps you understand your full potential by stimulating your creativity.

Opal is birthstone of October. Stone given to celebrate 14th year of marriage.

Principle Source: Australia

    • 92.5 Sterling Silver
    • Bezel set in Gold Plated, Silver & Rose Gold Plated colour
    • Made in Opal, one of the most precious & a powerful stone with Play of Color phenomenon reflecting colours of other gems. 
    • Available in ring sizes 6.5 (Gold Plated), 6 (Silver) & 6.5 (Rose Plated)

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